Day 2 - Sunday, 31st August 2003 - Clifton to Toowoomba

After the winds of yesterday I, along with a few others set out at 7am or shortly afterwards to try and cover as much distance as possible before the wind picked up again. Unfortunately it was not to be, the wind was already blowing by the time I hit morning tea at 8am. The wind again was a head/cross wind. At one point while riding beside another rider, there was a kangaroo and joey hopping beside the road, they pulled ahead of us and then crossed in front of us to the other side of the road.

I got into lunch at about 9am, I was among the first 20 riders or so to stop. I spoke to the lunch crew and they expected to be there until about 2pm. Leaving lunch the wind was expected to be a head wind to afternoon tea, it didn't disappoint.

I stopped briefly at Afternoon tea and found there weren't many cyclists ahead of me. We were all looking forward to the tail wind after afternoon tea, and despite the hills it was a welcome respite. Even the uphills weren't as bad as we were led to believe. We rode through Toowoomba and I made camp at about 11:15am. So despite the headwinds and a fair amount of climbing I was happy with my time. I think that today people will be coming in as late as 5pm, a lot will be feeling it tonight.

Distance 70.44 km
Average 21.02 km/hr
Time 3:21:00
Maximum 47.90 km/hr


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