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Entry by Stuart Andrews, on 20th April 2010 12:12:06am

James - long time no chat - but I am still going on 2 wheels. I hope all is well with you. I did hear about your prang a few years back.
There are a few boys here at work (Symantec) want to do Galston Gorge this weekend - are you up to meet at Harbour Bridge for a casual ride to the gorge? BTW - R U still at express data?

Entry by Rob. Nisbet, on 22nd July 2009 10:00:37am

Hi James, Alice to Darwin - a beaut trip. You guys taught me so much.I'll never forget the first trip and intend to be there next year. Hope we meet again. Rob

Entry by Susan &Phil McDonald, on 20th July 2009 2:37:41pm

G'day Jimmy!!
We are still in WA on the road to Perth for our Nullarbor Ride. We have been swimming, snorkeling, climbing rocky outcrops, cooking on our little bush fire, sleeping under the Milky Way and the Southern Cross, life is pretty good. We have been reading your report of our Kimberley Ride and looking at your photos. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this. We loved having you on the Territory & Kimberley Rides James. Kind Regards Phil & Susan McDonald AllTrails Bicycle Tours

Entry by Amanda Crutchley, on 16th July 2009 6:58:07am

Great work James, Have just read the day by day descriptions which evoked some great recollections. A great keepstake. Thank you James for all your help and assistance, and heaps of encouragement. All the best!

Entry by Ray Lee, on 16th July 2009 12:57:34am

Finally got around to finishing your report and now you're already back at work. Great reporting James and what an amazing achievement. Weel done!

Entry by David McNeice, on 14th July 2009 12:55:47pm

Well done, James, the roving correspondent. To you and all the Rock Riders of 08 and the Nullaborians of 06, I'm nostalgic. What a silly decision of mine to NOT ride in 09 and concentrate on my sailing. Not one race on Port Philip has my name attached to WINNER (this year; there are plenty from previous years, so no more cheek from you lot!) I sailied to Hobart but Tassie Graeme didn't meet me there. I'm even driving a car to the office. This madness has to stop.

I wonder if I can still fit in my lycra? Here goes....

Entry by Kirsten Brewer, on 14th July 2009 2:48:48am

Your carefully chosen words evoke so many happy memories of the tour. Thank you for being such a great team member, always smiling and giving everyone support. The trip just wouldn't have been the same without you James. Best of luck with your future rides.
PS: Thanks for the donation, but I heard you sold my massage!

Entry by Chris Apthorpe, on 10th July 2009 4:41:20am

Mate wow what an incredible journey and I have to say I am in of envy your drive. Just an amazing looking experience and I am glad I didn't go I still be at day two.

Entry by jeannette whittaker, on 2nd July 2009 1:36:11pm

Hi James, I'm Chris Phillips partner. Your report is great, it gives a real view of the beautiful places you are experiencing in our lovely versatile country we live in. I wish I had joined in, on the great experience. Keep having fun and all stay safe, happpy riding. Cheers Jeannette

Entry by jan gemmell, on 28th June 2009 9:16:11am

Hi there James, I do hope all is going well with you guys,I miss you all.,
I didn't realise how tired my body was until I arrived home and that was some
journey - awake for something like 28hours with very little sleep.
I think you guys will all be back in Katherine - Sunday, and getting ready to turn right........
Please keep in touch and let me know how the ride is goin.
Best Jan G.

Entry by jan gemmell, on 28th June 2009 9:14:33am

Hi there James, I do hope all is going well with you guys,I miss you all.,
I didn't realise how tired my body was until I arrived home and that was some
journey - away for something like 28hours with very little sleep.

Entry by Denise Balding, on 27th June 2009 5:07:53pm

Hi James,
Am looking forward to reading how the ride is going, please pass on my regards to Greg Warwick and am hoping you have tried the Chamois Butt'r, if you haven't, ask him for a sample!! I would love to do a ride like yours so will love to read about your journey.

Cheers to all on your journey, Denise

Entry by Emma Scott, on 23rd June 2009 7:46:49am

Hi James

Photos are great, looks like you are having a ball...


Entry by Kellie Winning, on 23rd June 2009 7:29:09am

Glad you had a fantastic (and safe) trip to Darwin. Glad you got the opportunity to visit one of my favourite places in the NT (Edith Falls) even though you met a snake along the way! Good luck on the next journey to Broome.

Entry by Stuart, on 20th June 2009 10:01:42am

Have been following your Territory Tour with interest as my wife and I did the same trip last year on our Recumbents, and I am also joining AllTrails Perth to Adelaide this year. Thanks for a VERY informative read.

Entry by Mary Thomson, on 18th June 2009 3:48:35am

Hi james- you have taken some fantastic photos! It is pissing down with rain here and very cold so i have spent my lunch break catching up with your travels. It looks like you have a great group- enjoy the ride and keep us all posted!

Entry by Darrell Muscat, on 17th June 2009 1:24:07am

Looks like you're having a good time. Hope it's not too cold.

Have a good trip!!

Entry by John & Jane, on 14th June 2009 8:31:33am

Hi James,
Hello to all the Rock Riders.
We are enjoying your journal and living vicariously. Looking forward to the pictures.
Glad to see you have fitted new tyres and we are hoping your gear change mechanism continues to function. We look forward to the update on the crank noise.
Happy riding,
John & Jane

Entry by Renee Want, on 12th June 2009 4:53:31am

Hey James,

Well done on how far you've gone so far..Will be keen to hear all about it on your safe return. Until then keep up the great work. p.s the daily fruit is still coming out on time...One less thing you have to worry about ;)

Entry by Phil, on 11th June 2009 8:01:30am

Hey James, sounds like lots of hard work but also sounds like you're having an awesome time, the daily reports are great to read, they have really inspired me to do something like this in the future. Hope the rest of the trip goes well.

Entry by Kellie Winning, on 10th June 2009 6:51:15am

HI James,

I hope you've started the ride to Darwin and are having a great time! Good Luck!


Entry by Katrina Altiok, on 9th June 2009 12:36:46am

Hi James,

Hope you have a fantastic trip ... make sure to take heaps of pics. Looking forward to the adventure.


Entry by Barry Mourad, on 4th May 2009 11:16:19pm

Hi james
Saw you at the NP recently I was sure it was you who said hello. I have a sneaking suspition that will be some tour for 2009 comming up? I will be doing the AllTrails Kimberley Ride with Phill & Suzan, I am doing the ride to give me a bit of a bost as my weight has escalated again. See you there, or give us a call maybe we could catch up.
Barry Mourad

Entry by Rob, on 22nd June 2008 7:28:10am

Hi James,

nice write up and some great shots. I had no idea you were such a photographer!
I will keep an eye out for you on the waterfall ride. If you see a SSC bunch,
have a closer look as you go by -- I might be in there some where


Entry by Eric Rose, on 12th June 2008 5:08:39am

I just finished reading the diary of latest trip. Wow! A hearty congratulations for achieving that. It makes my small solo trip on the north coast of NSW look puny :)

Like you, however, I agree on the benefits of a proper bed after a full day's ride. Especially in torrential rain, as I experienced.

Entry by Mary Morris, on 11th June 2008 12:30:18am

James- what an Epic trip. You are right about it being about the journey (not the destination) with cycling. Think I will stick to Centennial Park though!
Looking forward to seeing some photos

Entry by Tony Muscat, on 22nd May 2008 2:50:11am

Hey James, Did you keep a diary of the SA/NT trip? Looking forward to seeing some photos.


Entry by James O'Suillivan, on 6th December 2007 5:34:21am

Great read.

Entry by Grant Bond, on 21st August 2007 5:54:24am


I checked out your site for the first time today. What an awesome way of recording your adventures.

I havent seen you on Sundays (except that time a couple of weeks ago) for a while so i hope everything is going OK with your recovery.

Entry by Jan Giblin, on 21st June 2007 3:46:30pm

i'm looking for any photos taken at the ROBERTSON pub on the big ride 2005. my daughter's wedding was at the pub on the same day. it was extremely foggy. 1000 cyclists made a sort of impromtu honour guard up the steps of the pub as the wedding guests arrived. really added to the atmosphere and the fun.thank you

Entry by Mandy Higgins, on 19th October 2006 6:31:33am

Hi James,

Just wanted to say thank you again for helping us out at the Channel 7 weather cross yesterday - the unicycling certainly added a novelty value to the segment. Have a safe ride at Sunday's Spring Cycle!

Kind regards,
Mandy Higgins

Entry by Basil Lontis, on 11th October 2006 11:42:59am

Hi James. Velly interestting.See you next year.

Entry by Chris Perini, on 7th October 2006 1:13:13am

what the? don't have much to say, hope you can keep me in the know thanks james.

I ride the black (naked carbon) norco ultegra... good friends with the other Chris my age who is up with you guys.

Entry by Bev McAlindon, on 27th September 2006 6:07:23am

Hi James...

I met you on the CQ ride a couple of weeks ago....I was with Scotty & Sue!!

Would love to have a look at your pic's??


Entry by sue brown, on 27th September 2006 5:54:00am

hi james

great website - fantastic photos

can you email the one of scotty and me and the bike.



Entry by Kellie Sharman, on 25th September 2006 7:58:08am

Beautiful pictures James... it looks like you had a good trip. And I love your two badges... really made me laugh!

Entry by Ray Lee, on 24th September 2006 11:42:30pm

Nice photos James and well done. I'm going up there next year but I'll be driving :)

Entry by Mark Pountley, on 27th May 2006 1:35:52am

Hi James,

Nice site. Lots of good work in it. Hope to see you on a Renegade ride soon.


Entry by Bruce Macintyre, on 13th May 2006 3:33:22pm

nice job james,
Iam off to Italy june 9 to do some rides in Alps
Hope you are well and riding hard and fast

Entry by Eugen Schilter, on 2nd April 2006 8:59:31pm

Good pictures from the many rides. Admire your balance on the Unicycle; an excellent show indeed!

Entry by Christopher Lang, on 25th March 2006 1:29:08am

Hi James, I met you on the recent NSW Big Ride 2006. I trust that you returned to base safely after Binalong. The first time I remember seeing you was at 5.30 am on the second day at Jingellic. I was impressed that you seemed about a minute away from being packed and ready to leave! Shortly after we stood together in line for breakfast and exchanged a few words. You gave me your card in Junee, in front of the museum/lolly shop ( as we watched trailer man come in). Now to your website!!

Entry by Brian Clegg, on 9th March 2006 9:35:34pm

Thanks for the company James. As you have said, it wasn't perfect but we (me, Faye and the catering vollies) will probably go back next year for comparison.

Entry by Tony Muscat, on 7th March 2006 12:38:23pm

Another great read. I was in pain just reading about the ride.....Actually.. the pain started just after the bus trip down.
Sounds like you had a great time even though it was a bit harded than you expected.

Entry by John Lindsay, on 6th March 2006 6:58:53pm

Good Stuff Great to look back over past rides.
That John Lindsay sounds like a legend

Entry by Alan Hurdle, on 6th March 2006 6:09:18pm

Hi James,

Great write-up really captures the event and each days ride. You have some excellent photos in the collection, makes me wish I'd used the camera a little more myself :)

The website layout is pretty slick nice job.

Maybe see you passing me on the road sometime!



Entry by Sean Kwon, on 6th March 2006 3:08:58pm

Hey James,
Nice pics!

Entry by Darrell Muscat, on 6th March 2006 2:46:05pm

Entry by Erika, on 6th March 2006 2:36:02pm

Hey Cheetoes,

Looks very scenic- hopefully i can borrow some of those photos for some of our future designs!

See when you get back!

Entry by Barry and Lauren Mourad, on 5th March 2006 8:33:20pm

Great website James. It's really well set out. Looking forward to seeing your completed "Big Ride 2006". We had to leave the ride early as Lauren's daughter was sick so I'll beat you in the unofficial time trial next year instead.


Barry & Lauren

Entry by Takiro, on 1st March 2006 3:51:47pm

Cool website, good work! Thank You!

Entry by shkitko, on 25th February 2006 1:31:59pm

Very good site! I like it! Thanks!

Entry by Willis, on 13th February 2006 9:02:35pm

Site Is Interesting Thank You a lot!

Entry by Nikola Feruci, on 4th February 2006 10:43:18am

My friend has advised me to come on your site, and I do not regret about it

Entry by Changa, on 22nd January 2006 10:31:57pm

Nice site.

Entry by Tricia Strelioff, on 26th October 2005 6:25:13am

Hey buddy, just went through the site. Very impressive, great pictures, you put in alot of work. Really captures the feel of the trip.


Entry by Grahame Collard/Aneeta Price, on 14th October 2005 2:39:08pm

James, that is another great ride BQ has put on. I still want to speak to the profile builder. Especially about that day after lunch into Canungra which he showed as a flat ride. I was flat out finishing it. Thanks again for the great write up. Hope to see you on the Far North ride in 2006.

Entry by Leah, on 3rd October 2005 12:41:32am

Hi James,

Good to hear from you. Sounds like you had a wonderful time even if it is my idea of hell! How did you manage it? Over there in that heat! Not for me, but well done you.

Look forward to your next update...

Take care,

Entry by Rabbit, on 25th September 2005 12:51:24pm

Two forks for you James - giving back the two you gave me as you sped past me on about day 4 from Goondiwindi.

But thanks for the fun. I hope to see you either in Perth next March (2006) or Pt Douglas in Sept.


Entry by Kellie, on 22nd September 2005 11:15:09am

This is a great insight into a sport I don't know much about... I love your pics - they're great. You ride that far every day??? unbelievable...

Entry by Paul, on 17th September 2005 11:11:22am

Thanks for troubling to write it all up. Makes a good read.

Entry by Katrina, on 15th September 2005 11:39:16am

Hey James,

Don't know how you do it, especially riding on your rest day. Looks like fun though. I always enjoy the photos.

Keep up the good work, someone has to do it,

Entry by Tony Muscat, on 15th September 2005 10:24:00am

Hey Jimmy,

I'm tired just reading about the ride. I still smile when I read about the lunch breaks at 9:00am. Sounds like you had a good time. The pics of the mountains were great. Would have been nice to see in person.

France or Cairns... hard choice. NOT

T :o)

Entry by Darrell Muscat, on 15th September 2005 10:19:42am

Interesting. Thank you.

Entry by Michelle Nicholls, on 15th September 2005 9:56:34am

Hey Jimmy

What a great read I felt like I was there with you. Good to read that you had a good time and I loved the bit about the Turkeys I am still laughing about it..
See you soon

Entry by Yuting, on 15th September 2005 8:23:40am

Hi James. Looks like you had a wonderful time.

See you when you are back at work.

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