Cycle Queensland is a relatively new annual event that is basically the same as the NSW Big Rides and Great Victorian Bike Rides. I have done 2 of the last 3, and I came back to Queensland for the 2005 version of the ride. This years ride had the tagline of "Spinifex to Surf". The route basically skirted the NSW Queensland border and was expected to cover about 580km.

The route had been advertised as the flattest route ever for a ride in this format, some of the people who lived in some of the areas we would be passing through commented last year that there were some big hills. From experience I knew that riding on the flat is very hard riding, so I was really looking forward to the days when we finally hit the hills. From the route profile, this would happen after three days.

This is my sixth ride, and I was on my fourth bike for them. This time though I expect to stay on my current bike for a few more of these rides.

The Route

Day/Date Start Finish Distance
Day 1 - September 3rd 2005 Goondiwindi Yelarbon 56.88 km
Day 2 - September 4th 2005 Yelarbon Texas 64.28 km
Day 3 - September 5th 2005 Texas Inglewood 56.08 km
Day 4 - September 6th 2005 Inglewood Stanthorpe 108.83 km
Day 5 - September 7th 2005 Rest Day55.04 km
Day 6 - September 8th 2005 Stanthorpe Killarney 87.68 km
Day 7 - September 9th 2005 Killarney Boonah 72.56 km
Day 8 - September 10th 2005 Boonah Canungra 71.06 km
Day 9 - September 11th 2005 Canungra BroadBeach 51.03 km


For a ride that was said to be the flattest ever, it was quite wrong. Even on day three, which was marked as quite flat, it was reasonably rolling, it did make a change from the previous two days though. Day 4, the 110km day to Stanthorpe will probably go down in CQ history as a really hard day. I know that I was pretty shattered at the end of it.

Again, this was a really well organised event. I think that some of the towns need to try and organise a bit more and it will get really fantastic. Next years ride is from Port Douglas to Mission Beach, CQ is "Going Troppo". Before this ride, I was thinking about not doing next years and going over to France to watch The Tour instead. With the ride really being so far north, I think that The Tour is looking a lot more attractive. In either case, I still have about 5-6 months to decide before I have to make a decision, so a lot can happen in that time. I know that if I do next years ride that I won't be flying to the Gold Coast and getting a lift to the start with my Aunt and Uncle.

My Aunt and Uncle were very accommodating on this ride again. They gave me a lift to the Goondiwindi Start, which was about a 5 hour drive. They were also able to give me a place to stay before and after the ride. It has certainly made my enjoyment of these rides a lot easier. Index
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