After what felt like a very short break in Darwin, I am back for more.

6 days after the Alice to Darwin ride finished on the 19th June, I am setting off for the Darwin to Broome ride. Of the two rides, I think this is going to be more of everything. More Distance, More People, More Fun. From what I have heard as well, there is a lot of really beautiful countryside through this part of Australia and I am really looking forward to it.

For the first three days of this ride, we are backtracking our route into Darwin as we head back to Katherine for our first rest day. From there, we head west towards Broome, having a rest day at Kunanurra, and then finishing in Broome. For me, this will be the first time I will have been to Western Australia, which also means that I will be crossing 127 degrees East of Meridian as I cross the boarder.

I will be visiting Purnululu (more commonly referred to as the Bungle Bungles), and Cable Beach at Broome. Unlike the Alice to Darwin Ride, there are 30 people on this one. There are some people who I know from The Rock Ride, and many new faces.

If it is like any of my other All Trails Rides, then it is going to be a ball.

Update: 19/7/09 After just over a week back home, I have finally finished Day 9's report, and put up all of the photos.

The Route

Day/Date Start Finish Distance
Day 1 - June 25th 2009 Darwin Adelaide River 125.77 km
Day 2 - June 26th 2009 Adelaide River Pine Creek 127.94 km
Day 3 - June 27th 2009 Pine Creek Katherine 128.46 km
Day 4 - June 28th 2009 Rest Day0.00 km
Day 5 - June 29th 2009 Katherine Victoria River 194.65 km
Day 6 - June 30th 2009 Victoria River Timber Creek 97.61 km
Day 7 - July 1st 2009 Timber Creek Saddle Rest Area 121.52 km
Day 8 - July 2nd 2009 Saddle Rest Area Kununurra 111.14 km
Day 9 - July 3rd 2009 Rest Day0.00 km
Day 10 - July 4th 2009 Kununurra Warmun 195.73 km
Day 11 - July 5th 2009 Warmun Halls Creek 161.57 km
Day 12 - July 6th 2009 Halls Creek Mary Pool Rest Area 109.37 km
Day 13 - July 7th 2009 Mary Pool Rest Area Fiztroy Crossing 178.68 km
Day 14 - July 8th 2009 Fitzroy Crossing Ellendale Rest Area 135.34 km
Day 15 - July 9th 2009 Ellendale Rest Area Willare Roadhouse 142.81 km
Day 16 - July 10th 2009 Willare Roadhouse Broome 166.03 km

Photo Gallery


Another All Trails Ride. Another fantastic journey.

All Trails have now taken me from South Australia into the Northern Territory, and now from the Northern Territory to Western Australia. I have enjoyed all of their rides, they are a fantastic experience and I am really glad that I did this ride.

When talking about this ride, I need to think of my holiday as a whole, starting in Alice just under 5 weeks ago, the holiday was looking bright and I enjoyed myself immensely. When it started it felt like it would never finish, and now that it has, I wish that I could have kept going. Towards the end of the ride I was looking forward to getting home, but on my last day in Broome and now that I am back home, I wanted to keep going. Unfortunately, reality dictates that I can't.

Through this adventure, I went from the Top End of Australia, through some of the remotest and oldest part of this Country. I have seen the World's Largest Diamond Mine, and we ended in the Pearl Capital of Australia. The scenery changed from almost tropical, to spinifex, to almost mountainous when riding through Victoria River and out from Kununurra.

For me, I have cycled over 3,500km in the 5 weeks. I was planning on doing a ride while I was in Darwin, but time didn't allow it. I don't regret it, as I didn't have enough time in Darwin.

I want to see more of this Country, and I think that it is a real shame that lot of young Australians don't see their own country, there a lot of Grey Nomads up here, but many young Australians want to go overseas. I can see the attraction of travel, but I am still content to keep my trips internal for the time being.

Many people asked me on this ride what my next adventure will be. Unlike last year, I have no clear idea. I want to ride the Nullabour, I want to ride in Tasmania (the only State I am yet to visit). But this holiday certainly hurt the budget, I don't regret spending the money, but I think that next year I am going to look for a cheaper alternative. I will be back for another All Trails ride, so I will be watching their calendar carefully. Index
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