Day 6 - Thursday, 4th September 2003 - Caloundra Rest Day

After a nice lie in this morning and a late and lazy breakfast we were all ready to face the rest day. It was just a relief to not have to pack up the tent. I had booked into go Sea Kayaking early on with some other riders and we set off at 8:30am. Another rider and I were in a double and I was in the back steering. We had a lot of trouble at first and I found out the rudder wasn't in line, we were going to get it fixed and then disaster, we capsized. We managed to right the craft but I couldn't get back in. The leader came over and we beached to fix the rudder. Once back in the water we had another problem, the steering was opposite to a bike, push with the left foot to turn left. On the way to the first stop on Bribie Island we managed to hit a navigation pole. In either case it was an enjoyable morning and we all learnt a lot about Bribie Island and saw a lot of wild life. The only problem was the wind, it was a head wind but it wasn't any easier when it was a tail wind.

Once back at camp I grabbed a shower and went into town with another rider for a civilised lunch, all in all a very enjoyable rest day.

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