Day 7 - Friday, 5th September 2003 - Caloundra to Kenilworth

Wow, what a day, today was going to be the longest day of the trip, and with all off the hills it was also one of the hardest. Leaving Caloundra we had 10kms on the main road out before we hit a major intersection, we had to queue there for 50 riders or so before we were escorted through under police supervision. Unfortunately, I am giving Bicycle Queensland a thumbs down for that, I think it could be a lot better organised. On the way to morning tea we encountered some road works which also didn't help improve the situation. There were a lot of short sharp hills early in the morning that made selecting the right gear important. I made lunch at about 9:10am for a much needed break. After about 20mins there I was back on the road, two of the longest hills were between me and afternoon tea. They were hard and long. I was pretty well stuffed by afternoon tea and stopped off and had a break. Myself and another rider rode together into Kenilworth. We were counting down the k's on the way in and we were both really glad of the sign that announced we had made it. I made it in my about 11:35am, still before noon which I was happy about.

Distance 89.24 km
Average 25.63 km/hr
Time 3:28:52
Maximum 61.40 km/hr


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