Day 4 - Tuesday, 7th September 2004 - Bargara Rest Day

After another restless night because of this throat I got up early to go for a quick swim to try and clear my nose out. Once back at camp I had some time to burn before breakfast, so I had a few cuppas and chatted to a few people. After breakfast I did a small amount of washing and hung it all around my tent. It seems that doing washing is a popular past time on the rest day.

It seemed as well that a lot of people were also going to do the Bundaberg Rum Distillery Tour. I went for a quick wander into to town to stock up on some supplies before making it back to camp for the bus trip into Bundaberg. The tour of the Distillery was very interesting, plus the different smells from the rum production made it a very memorable experience. The two free drinks had nothing to do with it.

After that a group of us wandered into Bundaberg for lunch and to while away some time before catching the bus back to camp. All my washing was dry and so I will try and tidy up the tent a bit this afternoon so that I can pack a bit quicker in the morning. I was originally hoping to go for a brief ride today but with this throat and nose I felt it was a better idea to have a relaxing day in the hope to get over this a bit more.


England isn't the only place with pebble beaches.
My tent also became a washing line today.
A Cane train going into the sugar refinary.
The hedges outside the Rum Distillery where shaped like the Bundaberg Rum bottles.

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