Day 9 - Sunday, 12th September 2004 - Goomeri to Kilkivan

Last night they announced next years ride at the briefing. Goondiwindi to the Gold Coast. So it looks like they are following NSWs lead and giving a downhill route. A few people who know the area did say that there were a few hills along the ways so it sounds like a lot of fun again. We had the C & Q party as well last night and because I had recovered from ill health I made an appearance. The C & Q party requires you to go as or in something beginning with C or Q. I took the lazy option and went as a Cheetham. Some of the costume ideas were very clever though.

This morning breakfast was at 6:30am rather than the normal 6am. Subsequently the route opened at 7:30am, 30 min later and they were asking the slower riders to leave earlier and the faster riders later as there was a mass finish at Kilkivan, a first for Cycle Queensland. Although I tried to sleep in, my body decided otherwise. I didn't pack up the tent straight away as I wanted it to dry out a bit first. Even so I was still fully packed and ready to go at about 7:15am.

I wandered over to the gate, but had to spend about 5min clearing all of the gunk out of my cleats so I could clip into the bike. I ended up rolling out at about 7:25am. The route had a slight variation, but it wasn't going to add extra distance. I was soon passing the cyclists who were ahead of me and just having a great time. There were some great hills as well, both up and down that made it a lot more fun. I soon noticed a rather large grey cloud passing over and I was a bit worried that I was going to get rained on. Luckily it didn't eventuate, what did develop though was a strong breeze, that was, depending on which way the road travelled was a head wind, cross wind, or everyone's favourite, a tail wind.

I was really feeling strong on the bike so I was really attacking the hills, and some of the views from the top were pretty amazing. However as today was only 30km it wasn't going to last and I soon made the golf course which was the staging area for the mass finish. I was about an hour early, but that just gave me a chance to do some last minute catch up with the people I had met. When we amassed for the finish I cut across the ground to end up near the front and we pretty much rolled out on time at 9:30am. It was good fun going through town en mass, which I hadn't done since Big Ride 2003.

As I crossed the finish line I did a Petacchi style salute, but I was indicating 9 days rather than 9 stage wins. I had organised for a Bike Box at the finish which I collected and I then boxed up the bike for the return journey home. My Aunt and Uncle had showed up by this time as they were kindly giving me a lift back to their place. I went around and grabbed peoples details so I could keep in touch before next year which I think I will be doing.

Again I had so much fun that I can't see any reason as to why I should miss it. Although this years route was very flat it was still a lot of fun and again I recommend these riders to anyone who enjoys cycling and meeting other people. So as I say always, I hope to see you next year.

Distance 29.24 km
Average 32.48 km/hr
Time 0:54:03
Maximum 63.00 km/hr


Distance565.69 km
Average29.66 km/hr
Maximum63.00 km/hr


Half of the Clark family.
The rest of the Clark family.
Cyclists crossing the finish line in Kilkivan
The bike that got me from Start to Finish.

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